First off, I am big on reading reviews/testimonials and I’m big on writing them when I like/dislike service etc so this is straight from my heart!

Over the past year I had been struggling with balancing my work and family life and my employer had approached me to offer help in any way they could before things got worse in my life.  One of them knew Pam and recommended that I speak to her as a Life Coach for me and let me tell you, it was just at the perfect time!  I was feeling like I was going downhill fast and Pam was able to catch me when I was falling and encourage me with her sweet, caring and positive attitude.  She understood how to best help me each session and always left me with tools in my back pocket, she never left me hanging!  She really ended up feeling more like a good friend I could vent to and she gave me many coping strategies to make it through the days victoriously.  I loved how she regularly reminded me to text or call her at any time of the day/night if I needed her.  She would also send little texts of encouragement that made me smile. Often when I was struggling at home she would loop it around to how that affects me at work and vice versa, which was helpful.  I looked forward to chatting with her each week over our months together.  We were in two completely different cities which didn’t stop us from connecting through phone or FaceTime (when on holidays).  I hope to meet her one day face to face! The other thing I was impressed with was how I was nervous about how to bring my faith into the mix but she adapted it into all our conversations which was important to me as the wisdom she shared and strategies often incorporated my beliefs somehow so I wasn’t compromising in that area!  I never sensed any judging on her end either.   I am confident she is always there for me if I need her and that’s comforting.

I felt I could completely be an open book with you Pam! I love your passion for people and life and it’s so evident that you LOVE what you do, it’s inspiring!  I also love how you were keeping it real when you would tell me about different situations you came across in life with parenting, work etc and how you handled it, it was awesome that we were able to relate.  It was encouraging!  Thanks for being YOU and blessing me in the mix.  I hope in some way our time was a blessing to you too.  This is not goodbye☺. – Shannon (Barrie, ON)

My experience with Pam has been very positive. I find that life coaching has helped me to focus and reflect on things in my life. I always went away from my sessions feeling like I has tackled my issues. Using the techniques and tools Pam has given me my anxiety and stress levels have lowered. I love how if I am struggling Pam is very easy to reach if I am need of help. Pam is always there for me and has really helped me to make my day to day life easier. She has really helped me to tackle my anxiety. I have learned so much about myself and how strong I am from working with her. – Shannon (18, Oakville, ON)
Pam evokes my own wisdom, that which lies within but sometimes I ignore or give little weight. With caring encouragement and wise counsel, she shines a light on how I can strengthen the Self within and ultimately become my own guide. – M.L. (Oregon USA)
Was thinking about you this morning. This is a bit random (a story for later) but I got a lot of clarity last night in my approach of guiding people and through that you popped into my mind. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your approach to life coaching because I think you are really real and I appreciate that you give space and that is not all bubble gum and rainbows with you. I know in my heart that you will be incredibly successful at what you do and I’m excited to be here with you on your journey of integrating your style into your learnings. The reason this has come is because its been coming up a lot lately for me where friends are (for lack of a better way to explain this) telling me what to do or how to live without my asking because they “think” its what i need. When really they have no idea because its my journey to figure things out on my own and I think you are going to be a rockstar at allowing people to figure their own shit out! ~end rant 🙂 I’m working on my 5th chakra! Hope you are having an amazing weekend Pam.
Pam is so awesome to talk to. She is never judgemental and always makes me feel special. I feel like I am the only person in the world. No matter my mood when I come to spend time with Pam, I always leave feeling so fantastic!! — Barb
So grateful for the guidance. Pam has an amazing ability to help you help yourself. With just one conversation I was empowered to create greater success and happiness in my life. Pam works with you to find solutions that work for your individual lifestyle, and leaves you with tools so you may be able to continue independently. I always look forward to my sessions with Pam, and am left with a greater calm and vision for the future. Thank you. —Caileah
Honestly I really appreciate everything you have given me so helpful. Thank you.  — Caileah Cochren-Palmer
From the time that you meet Pam and sit down with her you feel comfortable and welcomed.  I have been a client of Pam’s for many years and have received excellent service every time we met.  Pam is very professional and takes pride in her work.  She treats each client with the personal touch ensuring that each client is treated with individual service that is needed especially for them.  As a long time client, I can honestly say Pam knows how to make you feel special and relaxed, no matter how your day has gone.
I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life. After seeing a therapist for months, I am still amazed at the way I felt after just one session with you! I can’t stop singing your praises even to my therapist, who by the way I won’t be seeing anymore since I will be seeing you! 🙂 Boris (therapist) says he is very happy that I’m seeing you, believe it or not!!!! Again thank you for everything!!!! See you soon. — Charlene
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