What Is life Coaching?

Coaching is a synergetic and harmonious relationship between and accredited Life Coach and you.

We all at one time or another have envisioned our ideal life, for some getting there is easy, for others, it is not a reality yet. Just as an athlete engages a coach, to push, motivate and achieve greatness, so can you. NewLife Coaching offers just that, coaching to move your life forward, to find fulfillment, success, well-being, and happiness in your professional and personal life.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Being involved in a dispute can be mentally and energetically draining, before it becomes a financial and legal burden, consider Alternative Dispute Resolution. As a trained ADR mediator Pam uses processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to seek an agreement short of litigation. ADR is fast becoming a pre-requisition by some courts as a form of mediation, a bridge for people to negotiate before permitting the parties’ cases to be tried. In the event that you do have to go to trial, why not be prepared with the skills.

What is ADR?
Refers to specific and defined procedures designed to settle disputes outside of the courtroom, ADR procedures are collaborative and allow the parties to appreciate and acknowledge each other’s positions. ADR also allows the parties to come up with more creative solutions that the legal system may not be legally allowed to impose.

At NewLife Coaching by Pam, ADR is seen as a bridge being built, linking the different voices, thoughts and emotions in order for each voice to be heard clearly and minds willing to explore diverse solutions to a difficult situation.
There are no lawyers or judges making the decisions, you and the other party are deciding the outcome. You are in the driver’s seat and in control of your destination. You have volunteered and willing participating in this confidential process of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Pam’s role is to act as a third party and help you maintain your integrity along with a sense of control over the issues while you and your adversary discuss together, interests, concerns and the desired outcome.

Coaching Services:

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All coaching sessions are confidential.
Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. 
All phone and Skype appointments must be paid 24 hours in advance.

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Monday to Friday 9am -5pm

Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request and are done by Skype or phone only.

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There are no limits to what can be achieved when you partner with the right coach.

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Benefits of coaching with Pam:

  • Discover how to go beyond your limitations
  • Create a sense of belonging and true love
  • Be honest with yourself and express yourself authentically
  • Activate your leadership skills & uniqueness
  • Stay grounded during difficult times