February 2016

Mediation Station 1610 AM

Mediation Station Radio Talk Program on CHHA 1610 AM.  Host Greg F and his guest, Pam Blanchard, discussing, “Being Courageous In Your Relationship”.  Learning the skills to communicate what you need without worrying about the […]

The Beacon

With each breath the air starts to crystalize and sting.  I walk on regardless.
My mind travels and wonders.

When there is light there is hope that this new day could bring something […]

Morning Pages, have you heard of them?

A couple of weeks ago I started writing them and I can’t believe the comfort they bring. They are like a new best friend. It’s truly amazing what […]

November 2015

Letting Go Of The Outcome

Dear Outcome

It has been a challenging week so I thought I would reach out and share with you some of the difficulties I’m having letting you go.  Please don’t take this personally.  I do believe […]

“Show Up” For Your Life!

I believe that the absolute privilege of a lifetime is knowing who you are. When you make the commitment to “show up for your life” things just naturally start to improve.

November 2013

  • Custody battle

10 Things Kids Wish They Could Tell Their Divorced Parents

Don’t say mean things about my other parent or threaten to take me away from my other parent.  I want and need to love both of you. If you keep me from the other parent, […]

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A State of Consciousness

Today I’m learning ways to slow my life down; by consciously attempting to take each moment as it comes; by practicing how to breathe slowly and deeply into my core when thoughts of the future […]