Today I’m learning ways to slow my life down; by consciously attempting to take each moment as it comes; by practicing how to breathe slowly and deeply into my core when thoughts of the future or my past attempt to sabotage progress; by beginning to realize that very little gets done when I am engrossed in something other than this refreshing moment. Although it is difficult to stay focused in the present , it is a relief once I am there. No expectations, no regrets and no sense of being overwhelmed in the tangled thoughts created by my sometimes distorted interpretations of my circumstances.

In the now, I am free.

In this very moment I am blessed with hearing the sound of shrivelled leaves making change relevant. It is one of my favourite sounds of fall, not to mention the glory of being available to witness the beauty of such vibrant oranges, yellows and crimsons falling without direction but with purpose. It would appear that the trees do this seasonal shift with ease and that possibly from them I could learn a thing or two.

Change and I sometimes struggle for power. To accept change without the struggle would be an accomplishment for me. I often get immersed in the unpredictable outcome of events, realizing quite well that my emotional investment rarely pays off. It has been exhausting not to mention an unrewarding process, making it difficult to stay grounded and confident in my quest for solidarity.

Today I have discovered that I will not disappear by choosing to think less.