1. Don’t say mean things about my other parent or threaten to take me away from my other parent.  I want and need to love both of you. If you keep me from the other parent, I will grow up to resent you.
  2. I get angry when you criticize my other parent. Be mindful of the tone of voice you use when talking about the other parent or grandparent.
  3. Don’t make me pick who I want to spend time with, it is not fair when you push me to choose and I will get hurt if you do that.
  4. Handle your financial conversations in private.  I don’t want to hear about them and I don’t want to be your messenger.  You’re here to look after me, not me look after you.
  5. Don’t use money to win my love.  Be a stable and loving parent and I will love you no matter who has the “most” money.
  6. When I ask for something new that I need, don’t tell me to go ask the other parent to buy, it makes me uncomfortable and that’s your responsibility to tell them.
  7. Get a counsellor to help you with your problems.  I need you to be stable for my well-being.  I don’t want to hear about your dating and your disappointments.  Talk to someone else.
  8. The harder you make things on my other parent, the harder you make things on me. I am an extension of both of you – remember you created me.
  9. Laugh and smile.  I want to enjoy my life and your mood has an impact on my mood. When you’re happy I feel wonderful inside.
  10. Don’t forget that I live between two completely different houses, rules, traditions and attitudes.  Be patient with me when I forget things or need some time to adjust from house to house.